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African American Religion

When people from various regions of Africa were forcefully transported to the colonies, they brought nothing with them but the clothes on their backs and the beliefs of their hearts. This latter possession varied widely by region and tradition, but was to each a fundamental part of daily life.

Historian Harvey Bakari describes the African American Religion exhibit.

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The Past Revealed: Archaeology at the Bray School

Tantalizing new research points to an impossible conclusion: the Reconstruction may have overlooked an original 18th-century building. More remarkable still is the possibility that it may have housed Virginia’s first school for the education of black children: the Bray School.

Archaeologist Mark Kostro details the story the soil tells as his team hunts for the conclusion suggested by Professor Terry Meyers’ research: the Bray School is found.

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Meet Gowan Pamphlet

A powerful agent of change during a time of the greatest repression, minister Gowan Pamphlet shared a message of hope and dignity. The first ordained slave preacher in America paved the way for the civil liberties and meaningful equality the future would bring. Hear his story.

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