The Black Petticoat Society Talks Colonial Williamsburg

The Black Petticoat Society, a TURN: Washington’s Spies fan group, interviewed Past and Present host Rachel West for their TURN-related podcast. The group discussed Colonial Williamsburg’s role as Philadelphia on the hit AMC show as well as other initiatives across the Foundation.


  1. […] guest of the Black Petticoat Society’s podcast to talk about TURN and Colonial Williamsburg! Click here to give it a […]

  2. “Best” podcast; brought Colonial Williamsburg into my home. Authentic, way of Learning, behind the scenes; insight to the CW I know and embrace. Eager to return to the place where my spirit is alive!

  3. Really enjoyed this podcast.i have watched Turn at least 4 times and also a frequent visitor to CW. Very interesting information about how parts of Turn were filmed there. We stayed at the Colonial Orwell House close to Williamsburg Inn in the mid 1980’s and loved the experience. Thank you for these wonderful podcasts.

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